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The State of Ohio implemented the online abbreviated adult training requirements to ensure that drivers have a good foundation and are prepared to handle the challenges they'll encounter on the roads.

Step 1:
4 Hr Abbreviated Adult Training Course

You can take the state-approved 4 hour online abbreviated adult training if you failed the road test or maneuverability test. ON SALE NOW! Regular price $74.99 Now only $68.99

Step 2:
Driver Training

You will need to get 1 of 2 things for the next step. Either get 4 hours of training with a driving instructor or you can have 24 hours of driving with a licensed 21 year old.

Step 3:
Get your license

The third and final step is to go to the Ohio BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to re-take your road test or maneuverability test and get your license printed. Then you will be on the road! 

Take the Online Abbreviated Adult Training if you didn't pass the road test the first time.


The course to help Ohio adult first time drivers pass the Driving Exam and get their license is right around the corner.

Hey, there. Thanks for checking us out! 2Cool Traffic School is your fun and most trusted online traffic school provider. We make learning fun and easy for our students because we actually want them to enjoy their experience taking the course. We know that hardly anyone wants to take the 4 hour Ohio Abbreviated Adult Course, but it’s a state requirement and you’re doing the right thing by getting it done now. Our Ohio 4 hour driving class is 100% approved by the Ohio BMV. This means we’re certified to refresh your memory on basic road rules and techniques with SAM, our animated guide. He will read all six chapters to you. Together, you’ll watch videos and engage in fun activities throughout the course. See, we told you the course would be fun and easy! What are waiting for? Register now for the Abbreviated Adult Driving Training course.

Course Topics and Descriptions

Section 1: Basic Control Tasks

We think it’s very important that you pay attention here because you’re going to perform the maneuvers described in this section in front of your driving proctor. We’ve made it as fun and interactive as possible. After all, we’re your fun traffic school provider! You’re going to learn all of the basic control tasks that are in a vehicle with automatic transmission. We use visuals to show you how to turn, park, pass and more. Not to mention, we’ll show you the proper braking and acceleration techniques that will save you a lot of dirty looks in the future.


Section 2: Traffic Control Devices & Laws

Don’t be scared away by all of the different traffic signs out there. They’re meant to help you and we’re here to help break it all down for you. By the end of this section, you’ll be a traffic sign expert! Do you ever wonder how drivers are able to tell what to do and what not to do on the roads? There aren’t traffic signs out there that have full sentences for people to read. That would just take way too long! That’s why there are different colors and shapes to let people know the rules of the road that they’re driving on. We’ll teach you all about them!


Section 3: Perception & Driving Strategies for Different Environments

You’re going to encounter some crazy drivers out there. They’re not as smart as you and they don’t follow the rules of the road! We’re going to teach you different defensive driving techniques to use to keep yourself, your passengers and other drivers safe. We do this by providing you with good management skills on speed, space and visibility. Not only will we teach you defensive driving strategies, we’re also going to make sure that you know how to drive in different environments, such as urban and rural areas and expressways. You’re not going to be driving the same way in every place, so it’s important to adapt your driving behavior to your surroundings.


Section 4: Operating in Adverse Conditions

In Ohio, the weather can be wishy washy. You know this! That’s why we want you to know how to operate a vehicle in adverse conditions. When you can, you should avoid driving in bad weather. It’s just not worth getting into a crash! However, we are realistic and we do know that people drive in bad weather regardless. Sometimes, you won’t be able to control it because you might already be in the car driving when bad weather approaches. We’re going to show you how to drive as safely as possible in conditions, such as rain, snow, low lighting and nighttime conditions. It can be scary, but with the right knowledge and training, you’ll know exactly what to do at any given time–rain or shine!


Section 5: Driver Fitness

No, we’re not going to teach you how to do jumping jacks in your car. Instead, we’re going to talk about a different kind of fitness. That is, whether you’re fit enough mentally and physically to drive safely. We’ll go over what kind of physical and emotional or mental ailments can hinder you from driving safely. For example, fatigue is never a good feeling when you’re operating a vehicle. You might then be tempted to drink an energy drink to wake you up, but an excess of caffeine isn’t good either! This leads us into the discussion of drugs and alcohol. We also discuss how certain emotions spark mental distractions. That’s why it’s best to save the juicy gossip when you’re outside of the car. This section is all about deciding whether or not you’re fit to drive based on your overall physical, emotional and mental health.


Section 6: Owning & Maintaining a Car

We don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re a traffic school so we need to teach you about the responsibilities of owning a car. You have to be ready to shell out some cash if you’re ready to own a car. It’s not just gas money that needs to be spent. You also have to be aware that there’s maintenance costs, too. You need to get your oil changed in time before your engine gets ruined. You also need to make sure that your registration is up to date so that your car is legal to drive. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car yet. We have tips for you all, too! In fact, the people who wrote this course wished they had this knowledge when they went to get a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if you fail the Ohio driving test? People 18 years and older who failed either the maneuverability portion or the road test must take an abbreviated adult course and must complete some behind-the-wheel training.
  2. How do I sign up for Ohio abbreviated drivers ed? You can click here to sign up and pay for the course. You do not have to begin the course right after you’ve paid. Take the course around your own schedule.
  3. What is the 4 hour drivers ed course like? Our course has an animated guide who reads all six chapters to you! You can sit back and relax while SAM takes you through the course with videos and activities. View our demo here.
  4. What do I do after I pass the abbreviated driver training online? You will have to wait for your certificate to come in the mail. Unfortunately, no online traffic schools can provide you with an electronic copy (email, fax, etc.). This is a requirement by the state of Ohio. After you get your certificate, you can take it with you to the BMV to retake your driver’s test. But don’t forget to do your behind-the-wheel training!
  5. How much is the 4 hour driving class in Ohio? We’re running a special right now for $68.99 and this includes FREE USPS shipping that will get to you in about 3-5 business days.
  6. Is it okay to go over 4 hours on the Ohio abbreviated driving course? Yes! We actually highly encourage you to go over the minimum time requirement because you have to do at least 4 hours to complete the course.
  7. Does anyone offer the 4 hour online driving course in Ohio for free? We don’t know any approved provider that offers the 4 hour driving class for free in Ohio.
Driving and Skills Test

Be prepared for what you will be tested on when it comes to driving behind the wheel. We have broken down the phases of the Driving and Skill Test as well as what is involved in the Maneuverability Test. 

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Frequently asked questions

The Abbreviated Adult Driver Training is a new concept for Ohio adult first-time drivers. As with all new things, there are questions that arise. Click here to see some commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered, you can ask us directly.

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