Driving and Skills Test

During the driving and skills test you will be evaluated on 2 parts, the driving test and a maneuverability test

Turning Properly

You will be tested on your skill to perform a turn properly

Driving in the proper lane

You will be tested on your knowledge of what lane you should be traveling in and your ability to maintain the proper position in that lane 

Proper following distance

You will be tested on your ability to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you

Our online driving course helps prepare you for the skills test.

The abbreviated adult online driving course goes over the Ohio state laws, as well as general maneuverability and driving instruction. You will learn about lane positioning, following distance, how to drive in specific intersections, as well as the correct way to do specific maneuvers and turns.

After learning the driving principles with the online driving course, the state requires students to complete behind-the-wheel driving practice. This requirement can be met by spending 4 hours with a licensed driving instructor or 24 hours with any licensed driver that is 21 or older. This practice should prepare you to pass the driving and skills test (composed of 2 parts) shown below.


Step 1

You will have to drive forward through a 9-foot by 20-foot box that will be identified by four markers

Step 2

You will be instructed to maneuver the vehicle to either the right of the left of the center marker

Step 3

You will need to steer into the instructed lane until the rear bumper of the vehicle is even with the center marker and the vehicle is generally parallel with the course


Step 1

Starting from the last position of phase one, you will be instructed to drive in reverse past the center marker

Step 2

While in reverse you will have to maneuver the vehicle back through the 9-foot by 20-foot box, stopping when the vehicle is even with the rear markers and generally parallel with the course

Step 3

Lastly, you will have to remove the vehicle from the test area without hitting, bumping or running over any of the marker present on the course

About the course

As of July 2017 anyone 18 years old or older, that has never obtained a driver's license and fails their first attempt at the Driving and Skills test, will be required to complete the 4-hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Training. They will also be required to have behind the wheel training. 

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Frequently asked questions

The Abbreviated Adult Driver Training is a new concept to the State of Ohio. As with all new things, there are questions that arise. Click here to see some commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered, you can ask us directly.


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